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Business Managing organizations program

Licence Management des organisations



The Bac+3 degree in Organizational Management covers the different aspects of management and business management. It aims to give students a solid training in management sciences oriented towards managerial skills. This training is based on theoretical tools allowing students to analyze the market and the business environment by integrating the reality of the environment in general and the digital environment in particular, and on skills in the field of business management.

Professionalization is particularly present in this field,
where the curriculum includes an internship and two compulsory foreign languages.

The aim of this specialization is nevertheless to lead students to Master's studies or to a professional activity in the field of management. The Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management aims to train future professionals specialized in business management. In addition to the consolidation of knowledge in the field, the course offers complementary training in the field of Marketing with courses in the management of information systems linked to the speciality.



Targeted Skills

The Bac+3 in Organizational Management aims to provide students with:
Solid knowledge concerning the fundamental concepts of the basic subjects of management with a more advanced tendency towards the subjects of Marketing and Commerce.
An ability to analyze managerial situations thanks to the learning of documentary research and the systematization of the reading of the economic and business press.
A marked openness to organizational management (organizational management, accounting, corporate finance);
Mastery of communication techniques (written expression - communication, English and a second foreign languages).


Career opportunities from the program

At the end of the Bac+3 training in Organizational Management, the training naturally continues in the Master's degree in Digital Marketing within the institution or all the other specialties launched by the institution thanks to the versatile training that this training offers. The continuation of studies in Master in equivalent institutions is also quite possible.
On the professional level, the Management of Organizations degree allows graduates to easily take on positions of responsibility in professions requiring versatile training such as:

  • Assistant to the director of a small or medium-sized business,
  • Development project manager
  • Sales executive / Sales manager
  • Assistant to the product manager / Product manager
  • Sales assistant
  • Business management assistant.
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